How To Spot and Handle a Bunny Boiler

Some bitches wait until after the relationship is over to unleash a full dose of insanity. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for perfectly reasonable girls to turn psychotic after a break-up; luckily, little hints can reveal the secret nature of a bunny boiler before it is too late. This guide reveals the truly nasty nature of a particularly malicious breed of lady. All men should be on guard against the bitter cruelty of a bunny boiler! Don’t be fooled by a fiendish femme fatale; instead, adhere to the wisdom below.

What is a Bunny Boiler?

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“The Game” by Neil Strauss PDF

Download link at the bottom of the article.

Book Review of “The Game” by Neil Strauss

The first thing I notice about The Game is the book’s black (imitation) leather cover and metallic gold lettering. It almost reminds me of the Bible, that’s if the holy book had gold-plated silhouettes of women posing suggestively on the front. The bald guy to their right is Neil Strauss or “Style”, as he likes to be called. He’s not only the book’s author, but its main character.

Anyways, enough about the packaging (who even reads physical books these days?), let’s get to the review.

What’s It About?

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The Top 17 Advantages of Lasting Longer in Bed with PC Muscle Exercises


Men around the world are learning that there are countless advantages to using pc muscles to last longer in bed. The benefits can dramatically revolutionize sexual experiences for everyone involved. Here are the top 17 ways that a man’s enjoyment of intimacy can significantly improve by lasting longer in bed through pc muscle exercises.

1. The End of Coming Early

Premature ejaculation finally has a surefire cure. With pc exercises, guys never have to worry again about blowing their load too soon. The ability to temporarily abstain from orgasm during intense moments of intimacy can optimize a man’s sexual performance in the bedroom for a lifetime. Continue reading

When Girls Have Daddy Issues: A Man’s Guide

Pseudo-incest has become a real hit with a certain type of woman. For seemingly inexplicable reasons, a generalized obsession with father figures is pervasive among grown ladies. While this quirk may seem harmlessly kinky, it actually can foretell endless dangerous situations. This overview explores the root causes of daddy issues to provide men with a tactful approach to the issue.

What Are Daddy Issues?

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4 Things Women Get Wrong About Men

Written by a woman, yes I have spies working for us guys!

Now listen up, because I’m breaking a big rule here. Every girl knows that it’s part of the girl-code that we never admit to being wrong. Ever. Until now. The fact is that women are fed an awful lot of bullshit about men. Blame Cosmo, Oprah, whoever you like. When it comes down to it, it’s not always our fault that we’re wrong about you. What I hope, is that by sharing this information (and possibly having to go into the Witness Protection Program), you may be a little more understanding and tolerant when we screw up. And if you’re a truly awesome guy, you’ll educate your girl to know differently. So, here goes, the myths that women believe about men…
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3 Tips to Become a Girl Magnet

She is right there 13 feet away from you, but it feels like she is living in Zimbabwe.

You will never get her… right?

So many guys I talk to about dating are completely stuck in a very linear, There-Is-Only-One-Way-type mindset.

It makes sense too, because that is whatever every other dating advice guy is telling you. Dating experts say, “If you want to date a beautiful girl, then you have to go approach like 658 women every day.” Approach, approach, approach is on every guy’s mind.

Approaching girls seems like the only way, right?

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10 Reasons Being a Guy is Awesome!

After reading “10 Reasons it Sucks Being a Guy“, you either wrote me off as a whiny little bitch or you’re considering a sex change. But don’t cut your balls off and get breast implants just yet. It’s time to flip the coin and tell the other side of the story.

You know, the one where boys rule and girls drool. Because from our superior bathroom habits to our big muscles and grizzled good looks, being a dude rocks. Here are ten reasons why.
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6 Female FAQs

You know those questions you’ve always wanted to ask a woman, but never thought you’d get a straight answer? Well, we did all the work for you. A simple survey got these six hot questions from guys, and we got the girl to answer them for you. Let these things be a mystery no more, what exactly is going on in a girl’s head?

1. Do women fake it?

Yes, is the short answer to that. And most women do at some point. Will you know? Probably not, unless you know your partner extremely well, or she’s a really bad actress. Why? Well, my only defense Continue reading

8 Pitfalls that Guarantee You Won’t Get Laid After a First Date

8 Pitfalls that Guarantee You Won't Get Laid After a First DateAlright fellas, everyone knows that you put your best foot forward on a date, especially a first date. Either way, your ulterior motives are not so hidden these days. Every girl knows your ultimate goal is to fuck her by the end of the night. What you don’t want to fuck is your chance at that before you even try to make your move- which guys tend to do without realizing it. If you want to improve your chances of getting laid after a first date, educate yourselves on the list that follows (really though…study it, make a drinking game out of it, whatever you need to do…do it): Continue reading

16 Themes in Porn that are Risky in Real Life Dating

16 Themes in Porn that are Risky in Real Life DatingFor men, the modern prevalence of hardcore pornography has led to some unfortunate misconceptions about how to explore certain sexual behaviors while dating. Actresses in the medium portray fucking as a world of pure nymphomania, but there are many hidden considerations to keep in mind before attempting to replicate on-screen techniques with lady friends in real life. The following carnal expressions are not necessarily bad, but they will require tact for erotic success.

1. Anal

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